Irwinville, Georgia

PARK OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: The park is currently owned by the State of Georgia but managed and funded by Irwin County per an agreement with the State. This came about at a time that the state wished to close the park and they did cease financial support.

CURRENT FUNDING STATUS:  Due to extreme funding issues at the County level, the park is again in jeopardy.

Though there have not been any decisions made yet, the chairman of the County Commission has suggested that discussions will be held in January to discuss what measures will be taken to reduce expenses. It has been made clear that the park is on the chopping block despite it's historical significance and the fact that it is the only tourism asset in Irwin County. The annual budget for the Park has already been greatly reduced in previous times of budget tightening.

STAFFING: Staff has been reduced to one full time employee who is charged with all operational responsibilities including program management, grounds and facility maintenance, public relations, etc. Obviously, there is more work to be done than one person is capable of managing. The condition of the park has declined and programs have been greatly reduced. We believe that we can turn this around.

OPERATIONAL EXPENSES AND REVENUES: According to the chairman of the commission the annual budget is roughly 50K and the income produced by the park last year was approximately 9k. We are preparing to request documents that detail the exact expenses and revenues.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT EFFORTS: There is a grassroots effort underway to organize and prepare a plan to create new revenue and support programs to turn the park into a self sustaining operation. This website will become an integral part of that plan as it will serve to promote the park, it's facilities and programs and act as a marketing tool for both  he park and it's support partners. We are actively recruiting community members that are interested in supporting this effort. A meeting will be held within the next few weeks to discuss the details of the situation, the challenges that lie ahead, existing solutions and proposed solutions. We would like to invite you to attend.

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED AND/OR SUPPORT EFFORTS?  If you would like to be involved or would just like to be kept up to date on the status of these efforts and the decisions that are made as the new year greets us, please provide your email address to join the Friends of Jefferson Davis Historic Site email list. We will notify you of scheduled meetings and developments as they occur.

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We also encourage you to join the park facebook page:  Click to go to the Facebook Page

FRIENDS OF JEFFERSON DAVIS HISTORIC SITE MEMBERSHIP: One way that you can assist is by donating services, materials or funds in support of the park.  We appreciate your (tax deductible) donations. Every dollar goes directly to the maintenance and betterment of the park and its operations. 
We will be adding an online donation option with the development of this website. In the meantime, please make checks payable to Friends of Jefferson Davis Historic Site. For more information about the Friends program, please contact Jane Gentry, treasurer, at

A donation in the amount of $25 is rewarded with a Yearly Membership Bond that entitles you to free family admission to the museum, shelter rental discounts, souvenir discounts and our sincere appreciation.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is preliminary discovery data. If there is an error in the information presented please contact us to inform us that a correction is necessary. As new information becomes available we will update this site to reflect it. We appreciate positive support and collaboration to help us move forward in creating a long term sustainable plan for the park.